Management Consulting from Industry Experts

Compass US provides management consulting services to businesses in various industries. We are focused on building relationships and staying on top of industry changes so that we can best serve the needs of our clients. 

Not for Profit

Today’s nonprofit organization faces unique compliance and regulatory issues. At Compass US, we help our clients navigate the ever-changing standards so that the focus can be on mission and not administrative burdens. We believe in making a difference, and want to be a part of your nonprofit’s story!

Compass US is proud to have two graduates of Maryland Nonprofits’ Standards for Excellence® Institute, which provides an added level of expertise in promoting the highest principles of ethics and accountability within the nonprofit community.

Labor Unions

Labor unions face unique compliance and regulatory issues. At Compass US, we have a thorough understanding of the relevant Department of Labor (DOL) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reporting requirements that apply to labor unions. We help our clients navigate these complex requirements so that they can focus on their mission of representing their members.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry requires specialized services in order to succeed. At Compass US, we understand that payroll within this industry is unique, with tip credits and a continual change in minimum hourly wage, among other things. We are well-versed in Toast, Bread Crumb, Cake, Oracle Micros, and other POS systems that integrate into your back-end accounting system. At Compass US, we work closely with our clients to evaluate opportunities and bring them added value.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is complex, between state regulations, numerous transactions, and the management of both contractors and employees. With the introduction of QBI, more attention has been brought to real estate activities and the decisions this industry needs to make in respect to aggregation/non-aggregation, as well as passive/non-passive activities. In addition, the newly enhanced depreciation rules give rise to yet another layer of complexity. At Compass US, we help our clients navigate these issues so that they can focus on their growth and profitability.

Printing & Packaging

The print and packaging industries are ever-evolving as a result of advances in technology competition from non-traditional sources, margin compression and consolidation. Businesses operating in these industries must leverage the same type of strategic planning and management tactics as those utilized by the leaders of successful companies in other industries.

Compass US provides management consulting services to these industries through its Becker division, which has been providing industry guidance for over 60 years. This team is led by Bart Krupnick, CPA, CVA who is an industry expert and has extensive involvement and collaboration with many regional and national printing and related associations.


Franchisors have special accounting needs and at Compass US, we are equipped to assist both franchisor and franchisee. We understand the annual financial statement requirements for the State of Maryland (and other states, as applicable), and are experienced in computing royalty calculations. We help our franchisor clients analyze franchisee profitability and recommend changes as needed, for optimal success.


The construction industry has a number of inherent challenges and at Compass US, we deliver specialized services to our clients that are designed to address such challenges. We understand the complexities of project-based accounting, the financial reporting required by surety bond companies and the multiple methodologies that can be utilized in recognizing revenue. We want to assist our clients in choosing what is most beneficial to them.

Government Contractors

The government contractor industry is faced with complex regulations, rules and standards. At Compass US, we have the experience and knowledge to help our clients navigate these challenges. We perform FAR audits, assist our clients in complying with DCAA, and utilize project-based software, to include: Sage Intacct, Deltek, and Procas.

compass US + Platform Advisors

Platform Advisors provides tax, accounting, and consulting services with specialized industry expertise. The trusted partnership between Compass US and Platform Advisors gives you complete access to a group of experts who ensure the needs of you and your business are met. One team to streamline communication. One place to share information and documentation. Holistic advise so you can make decisions with the full picture in view.